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Twitter Essay Critical Response #1

For our Digital Humanities course, we are required to tweet a series of twitter essays, or “Twessays”, about an important topic. For our first “Twessay” we had to tweet about “Openness” in relation to open access and the internet. For my “Twessay”, I attempted to be blunt and to the point;

“#openness & #openaccess saves lives. Information should be acessble to all not just to the privaleged #DHUCCTwessay pic.twitter.com/VZpNJF7z7B” [1]

My Twitter essay was designed to be easily digested and understandable. For what greater cause is there than that of saving a person’s life? By information being free, people’s lives can be saved. Information being restricted to the wealthy and the affluent, is simply not fair. More often than not these are not the people who need information the most. Open access argues information should be free to all, to which I agree wholeheartedly. The addition of a meme of a twist on Jimmy McMillan’s popular saying, and party, “The Rent is Too Damn High” was done out of a satirical purpose, as well as a contrasting one. Jimmy McMillan is the founder of the “The Rent Is Too Damn High Party” which as the title suggests, is a party which argues that the cost of rent is too much on the underprivileged in New York City. The purpose of this party is to support those who are in need of financial support

 “My main job is to provide a roof over your head, food on the table and money in your pocket. This is politics as usual, playing the silly game, and this is not gonna happen.” [2]

In a similar vein to the student journals, the cost of rent in New York can cause disastrous repercussions on individuals in need. While I am unaware if McMillan statements are true, the situation presented is certainly sympathetic.

Also, the picture is humorous and hopefully allows people to connect to the issue, as they do not feel as if they are being lectured. The statement itself seems to be a ridiculous comment for a politician to make, as it is so informal.

Arlene Murray brings up an important point in her Twitter essay. She calls on the morality of the situation.

“Paywalling pioneering research is immoral.Should #openness be accessible 2 all medical institutions?#DHUCCTwessay http://bit.ly/1g5RGeO” [3]

It is clear on closer inspection, that the main reason for paywalls, is a purely selfish one. Publishers wish to make money of the discoveries made by researchers. As the link to the article, Arlene embedded in her tweet, quotes “In the digital age, there is no excuse for hiding your candle under a bushel.”

This sentiment, is echoed in Laoise’s post, as she deals with the financial aspect, as well as the original intent of the internet;

“The Internet was made 4 the #Openness of knowledge & the sharing of info, not for publishers to make ? off academic content #DHUCCTwessay” [4]

As Laoise points out, the point of the internet is so that people can contact each other. Sharing information is what the crux of the internet is, not so that someone can exploit money off people in need of help. Others in the, like Andrew Wiggins, also agreed with this. As Andrew states;

 “Openness to me is the idea of unrestricted access to knowledge and no one body in charge of it,more of a cooperative structure #DHUCCTwessay” [5]

Andrew says that the information, and in context, the internet is supposed to be open to everyone, no one person should have complete control over it. It should be free and accessible to all!

These “twessays”, hopefully have highlighted what are the most important aspects of open access, for everyone to see and understand. I feel like everyone had done a great job of compacting such a vital topic into such as small text.



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Image: [Flickr, Emerging Media- Twitter Bird by mkhmarketing, CC BY 2.0]  https://www.flickr.com/photos/mkhmarketing/8476983849/