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In the past, for a person to use their real name while on the internet was viewed as dangerous and extremely unsafe. Nowadays, it is common place, and it is rare that website would encourage the use of ‘nicknames’, ‘pseudonym’ or usernames over that of a Facebook account, twitter account or some other non-anonymous account. This gradual evolution towards the point where your real life and your internet presence merge together, seems like a gradual evolution, but posting your private details online is not an advisable action to take.

However, as the lines become blurred between reality and the internet, it is difficult to see a future where being Anonymous on the internet will continue to be a common method of identity. With the emergence of famous internet celebrity’s, younger people are deciding to use their own names just in case they too achieve stardom.  But this is more than just individuals using their real names, companies are actively encouraging people to put their entire lives out on the internet for the whole world to see. Personally I wouldn’t have a Facebook account if it wasn’t for job opportunities.  This shift in attitude is detrimental to the security of all.

This topic came to the forefront back in 2013, when Google attempted to force YouTube users to use their real names on YouTube. The backlash was so vicious and negative, that it wasn’t long before Google reverted its policy and allowed for Anonymous postings again. The reason for this is the fact that many people posted unfriendly, and otherwise offensive, comments on YouTube, and they were placed in a very exposed position.

It seems that to some people at least, Anonymity is the safest route on the internet. Personal security protection is extremely important.

Recently an English student named Grace Marr had her Facebook photos used on a sex website. Similarly it is estimated that around 2000 Irish students who have had their picture’s stolen and used on porn sites as well.

Humorously the television show, Dave the Physic displayed how easy it is to find someone’s personal information on Facebook. He used this information to trick people into believing he was a physic, by being able to speak about private details about their lives.

The fact is, people are becoming more and more carefree about the way they use the internet. Privacy has given way. Using Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family is very appealing, however once something is posted online, it can never be deleted. There is no reason why a person should disclose their home address on the internet or private facts about their lives.

Anonymity is the safer way to use the internet. It protects you and your family. It allows people to express themselves easier and post their opinions online. As no one knows anything about you, racism and discrimination is avoided. While cyberbullying can still occur, it would be less specific and personal to a person.

Remaining anonymous allows for a safer and a more secure use of the internet.