Other DH Websites

Page Summery

This page contains links to other great blogging websites, written by those who are either studying Digital Humanities or have an interest in the field. 

The Digital Stream

Run by Andrew Douglas, sometimes under the pseudonym of physc65, this website focuses mainly on video game as well as table top game content as well as the normal Humanities’ content, required by the UCC DHIT Course. 

The Last Record

This website run by UCC Second year DHIT student Patrick O’Toole. There’s something for everyone on this blog, from protecting your content to education in video games.

Heart and Saul

This website is run by the tall, Ian Saul. Like the other Blogs on this page, Saul writes about Digital Humanities however his most common blog post surround the music industry.

Laoise’s Blog

If you are looking for a blog that is centred almost wholly on Digital Humanities, Laoise’s Blog is a must see. She truly deals with many humanities topics, as well as some digital implementation.

Eoin Long Digital Humanities

Almost the website equivalent of what it says on the tin. Covering topics such as the usual gaming topics as well as topics to do in sensitive areas such as Dyslexia and Drug awareness. Also contains on article on a video project which I had taken part in:  Digital Humanities Projects / Life Choices. The owner of the following site also took part.

Ode to Andrew:

This website is run by UCC second year DHIT student, Andrew Wiggins. Similar to my own, the purpose is to mainly host his DH assignments, as well as any topics that capture his interest. He likes to focus on the latest in technology and Gaming News. An example of his works is his article on the future of handle gaming, with the looming presence of the new Nintendo Hybrid-console, the Nintendo Switch, on the horizon.


An interesting site that varies greatly in content. From reviews of certain applications, female presence online to the influence of the internet on life.