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Warfare 1917 – Flash Game Review

With Adobe no longer supporting flash, I thought now would be a good time to review one of my favourite flash games, Warfare 1917.
Warfare 1917 is a flash game that came out on September 19, 2008. The game was developed by ConArtists and published by Armor Games. Warfare 1917 is also available on many sites such as Kronegate and The game itself is categorised as a World war One strategy game. The game offers two campaigns, each nine missions long, with the German campaign being locked to only users. As of December 2015, the game has been played over 39 million times on with a 95% approval rating

Historic Setting:
As the name suggests, the game is based during the First World War on the western front. The game deals exclusively with trench warfare, and different types of weapons in use at the time.

Simple and Accessible Gameplay:
In terms of gameplay, the game succeeds with its simplicity. The objective of each mission is to get at least one of your units to the other side of the map, where the enemy units spawn in. Upon reaching the other side of the map, you win. Another way to win a battle is to deplete the enemy moral, by killing enemy units.
The game does take some strategy in terms of choosing the right units, depending on whether you wish to defend or attack, and how to deal with enemy tanks. The HUD in the game is very simply laid out as is its menu screens. The game also allows for a lot of replayability with the use of the custom battle mode, which allows players to set the game rules and redesign the map.
The gameplay is simple yet addictive, and as the campaign progresses does become more strategic and compelling.

Great Visuals and sounds:
The artwork of this game, helps to capture the feel of the Fields of Flanders during the war, such as the barren trees and the smoke off in the distance. The units are pretty detailed, each with their own design. The death animations are also particularity well animated, as is the explosions and bullets effects.
The intro music to the game is fitting of the times and sets you in the mood. No music plays during the battles except for a victory. The units themselves are often heard giving orders to each other such as “let’s go men” or “forward”. They also shout when enemy artillery is incoming, such as mortars or gas, and is the only way of Knowing of an artillery attack before it hits. The sound effects for weapons sound very realistic, with different types of weapons having different sounds.

Annoying game restrictions:
The game is designed to only allow three units of men into a trench at any one time. This does not account for the amount of men in each unit, as some units only have one man, while others have six. Also it is impossible to have your units retreat, and if they are walking towards a trench that is full, they will more than likely be killed if alone. The campaign also lacks any type of narrative, with the main focus being on gameplay.

The game is simple and addictive. It has superb artwork and sound. Its simplicity in design allows anyone to access the game. While the disadvantages mentioned are annoying, they do nothing do take away the enjoyment of the game and add a layer of complexity to it. For a game with no restrictions is only fun for a couple of minutes before you get bored. The game is free-to-play, yet is actually of better quality than some console games. It is an excellent feet of achievement, and is a game that any fan of flash games should play.


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